Pebble Technology’s PEBBLE TEC® brand Natural Pebble Pool Finish has unique characteristics that allow a pool to blend with landscaping and water features. Why be limited to conventional pool designs, when a PEBBLE TEC® pool finish can help create the most natural pool imaginable. Choose from 15 inspiring colors . Integrate special features like boulders and sloping beach-style entrances.

Enjoy the shifting hues as sunlight changes throughout the day. PEBBLE TEC® pool finish makes it all possible.

PEBBLE TEC® pool finish is more durable than conventional plaster/marcite pool finishes, is uniquely attractive and offers greater flexibility of pool design. This naturally, non-slip textured pool surface is made with pebbles chosen from around the world for their color and smoothness. Mixed with a formula of additives, these pebbles bond to form a handsomely natural pool surface designed to hold its beauty over time.

PEBBLE TEC® pool finish is also easy to maintain. Compared to plaster/marcite swimming pools, its exposed pebble finish is more resistant to staining. And when it does come time to clean your pool, you’ll find PEBBLE TEC® pool finish far less susceptible to being damaged by chemical breakdown. No wonder PEBBLE TEC® pool finish is the leading alternative pool finish in America.