Ultra-Poz® is a unique polymer and pozzolan modified pool interior finish. Ultra-Poz® has the highest levels of blended polymers and pozzolans available in the marktet today mixed with a natural aggregate, colored quartz and a white cement that produces an extremely durable, rock-hard surface.

traditional plaster mixes are typically only white cement and marble sand. These mixes are very susceptible to water chemistry fluctuations and mechanical wear. Ultra-Poz® has unique modifiers and mineral additives which densify the surface, thus increasing the resistance to chemical deterioration. The acyrlic polymer modifiers increase the adhesion to the shotcrete substrate for an enhanced chemical bond not found in traditional plaster designs. In addition , the acyrlic polymers provide surface protection which cannot be acheived by pozzolan only admixtures. Just adding a sack of pozzolans to plaster does not produce an engineered system.