Preferred Deck Systems an acrylic-based deck coating manufacturer located in

Coat over new or unsightly concrete (or an existing deck surface) to create a fresh new look using Preferred Deck Systems products.

Create a rich environment using limitless textures and colors.

Our residential deck coating system is comprised of three main components:

  • aggregate (This provides the texture for the 3-D depth and traction in wet conditions),
  • additive (Made with the best 100% acrylic-based resins available, additive is considered the “glue” of the system . Lesser quality products may breakdown in water and have less compressive and impact strength), and
  • top coat color (The top coat is considered the “paint” of the system. After the texture coat dries, the top coat is applied to achieve the color you want. Preferred Deck Systems stocks 14 standard colors. The top coat also acts as a sealer, so that your deck will look great from year to year with very little maintenance).

Preferred Deck Systems consistently produces a high-quality, durable product while remaining competitively priced.