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We are here to support you and your pool purchase.  Below you will find links to our Owners Manual (which you recieve at the start up of your pool) and different manufacturers equipment guides as well.  Our Warranty department are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. Call us to upgrade to our Platinum Limited Lifetime Warranty if you haven’t already!

Please feel free to call or email us with your full name, address and the details of whatever issue you are facing.  We will research the solution and connect back with you promptly with an answer.  The direct line to our Service and Warranty department is 480-355-1525

Our Standard Warranty is listed below and comes with every new pool we build!

Structural Lifetime Warranty
Cameo Pool warrants to the original owner that the pool shell will remain sound for as long as they own their pool. Structurally sound is defined as maintaining the structural integrity of the concrete pool shell so as to withstand all the loads without cracking and causing water loss. Should the shell be determined not to be structurally sound, Cameo Pools will at no cost to the original owner, perform repairs necessary to restore its structural integrity and water holding ability. The term “structurally sound” therefore does not extend to cover items external to the pool, such as tile, plaster, plumbing, electricity, filter, heater, decking, or pool accessories.

Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
In-floor cleaning system parts and pebble interior finishes are warranted for life per terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.

5 Year Underground Warranty
All underground installations provided by Cameo Pools including pool plumbing, gas and electric are warranted to be free of defects in the workmanship and material for a period of five years to the original owner from the original start-up date.

2 Year Protection Warranty
All workmanship, construction and pool equipment installed by Cameo Pools are covered by the 2 year protection warranty to the original owner from the original start-up date by Cameo Pools. Lifetime warranty is available for purchase, ask us for details.

Defects of failures caused by the lack of maintenance, proper care and/or correct water chemistry. After the 2nd year there will be a fee per service call. The swimming pool shall be kept full of water at all times except for the purposes of repair or maintenance not to exceed two (2) days. The swimming pool shall be used in a normal and reasonable manner. (Plaster pools should not be drained when it is 90 degrees or more outside.) See contract for further limitations.

Cameo Pools Platinum Limited Lifetime Warranty is now available on all new pool construction.  Be sure to contact us to find out more about this program.  It is transferable should you decide to sell your home!  Ask us for information today.

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